Healing Hemp Butter (750mg)


Choose from 2 different essential oil blends:

  • 750mg / Mango infused (For High Energy)
  • 750mg / Lavender infused (For Relaxation)

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Soothe Your Skin, Muscles, and Joints with CBD Healing Hemp Butter! Our Healing Hemp Butter is specifically formulated to moisturize and revive your skin. CBD is not the only great ingredient added to this topical. With a subtle blend of Shea Butter and Cannabidiol, this is an excellent CBD salve for all skin types and conditions. CBD salves can also help relieve any discomfort or irritation you may be experiencing to your skin, joints, bones, and more!

Each package of CBD Healing Hemp Butter is infused with 750 milligrams of high quality, full spectrum CBD. This CBD cream is a thick substance intended for external use only.

Made in the USA.

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Select An Essential Oil Blend

Mango Blend (High Energy), Lavender Blend (Relaxation)