CBD Bath Bombs (120mg) – 4pack


Experience all of our unique CBD Bath Bombs in this four pack! Our CBD Bath Bombs provide the ultimate relaxation-bath experience. Our CBD bath bombs help relieve skin irritation and help de-stress.

What’s Inside?

  • 30mg / Sunrise – A citrus blend.
  • 30mg / Winter Snow – A peppermint delight
  • 30mg / Tropical Breeze – Lemongrass with a twist
  • 30mg / Rainforest – Nature’s scent


Indulge yourself in the colorful, silky water and experience the wonderful benefits of CBD for your skin. Our CBD Bath Bombs are specifically formulated to provide moisture and rejuvenation to your body and soothing relaxation to your muscles and joints.

Each bath bomb is infused with 30 milligrams of high quality CBD and is 100% THC FREE / ND THC (Non-detectable levels of THC).

Made in the USA.

Recommended Use: Depending on your prior use with CBD, we recommend dropping 1 bath bomb at a time. Soak your body in CBD-infused water and see how your body reacts to the CBD before increasing the amount of bath bombs in the CBD-infused water.