Armor Replica 5:1 Scale Model – Heavy Germanic Knight Cavalry


A perfect decoration piece that stands around 2 feet tall!

This model of Heavy Germanic Knight Cavalry is handmade one piece at a time to match an exact 5:1 scale replica. Each piece of the armor is held by rivet and/or forged together. Each model is considered a one-off piece and has it’s own unique perfection flaws that naturally occur through human craftsmanship.

Even the horse has been hand carved from hardwood and finished for artistic perfection. Since the armor and poleaxe are made from high carbon steel, a finish is airbrushed to protect from oxidation, and gives more accurate texture. The horse and knight in armor stand atop a wooden finished platform, perfect for table-top display.

The Heavy Cavalry was the most feared unit on the battlefield for centuries. The combination of brute strength, resilient armor, heavy weapons, and mobile horseback produced a class of warrior that ruled Europe for centuries.

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